ProvoCraft’s Official Statement on unauthorised software & legality

The link above is to ProvoCraft’s official statement relating to legal proceedings specifically against Make The Cut! and Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL, SCAL2) software and any others.

Happy crafting!


Cricut Cartridge Library

Hi all,

Have you ever wanted to see or remind yourself what’s on a particular cartridge or two and are sick of searching or have a list of all the cartridges released?  Well Cricut have done the work for you!

The link  below is to the Cricut Cartridge Library, which has a listing of all their cartridges by name, you can also click on the preview of each to remind you or show you what’s on the cartridge.  Better than a set of steak knives the page also has a pdf link to each cartridge handbook!

For all those Gypsy users out there who need to check the handbook whilst out and about this is a great tool for you!

Cricut Cartridge Library

Cricut Seach Update!

Cricut Search Newsletter April 2011
This email contains graphics, so if you don’t see them, view it in your browser. Newsletter formerly

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News and Announcements ~

CricutSearch is changing its name to MyCutSearch

When we first launched our website in September 2010, we did so under the name  With so many other sites out there that use the word Cricut in the name of their sites, we did not see any harm in doing so.  We were later advised that we should remove the word Cricut from our website name.  This was very hard for us, since we loved the original name and had already gathered a following under that name, but we knew that if we wanted the site to have the potential to grow as we wanted it to, it would be better if we changed the name now.  We came up with the name, since we are hoping that this will become the main source for finding what crafters want to cut with their Cricut.

We will no longer be updating any cartridge information on, so be sure to start going to going forward to get the most up to date list of cartridges including Imagine cartridges!

If you have our site bookmarked, make sure to update the link now.

Grab the code for our new button to display on your blog or website.

Be among the first to join our new Facebook Fan Page.

Remember, MyCutSearch is a free website created by one creative family. If their hard work has helped to save you time while crafting, feel free to make a donation to help keep the site running.

Cricut Expression 2 Anniversary Edition

Cricut Expression 2 – 5th Anniversary Edition

Rather than say alot about this fantastic new addition to the Cricut family – click on the link, have a look, ask me questions and let me know what you think!

Happy Cricuting!

PS For those of you I told I didn’t want or need one, I’ve weakened….

Cricut Craft Room Software and Digital Downloadable Cartridges

This is something I’m really excited about!

If you’ve used SCAL (Sure Cuts A Lot) or SCAL2 or Cricut Design Studio then from what I’ve heard this new software Cricut are in the final stages of testing will combine the two.  The great thing is it’s FREE as long as you’re registered with

You can even download the software now and request to help use and test out the almost completed software.

One of the great things you’ll be able to do are to design away from anywhere you have an internet connection – online!  All those boring lunch hours can now be used designing your projects ready for the weekend.

Just like Design Studio you will still need to own the cartridge to cut but not to design – I love the try before you buy option!  You may have seen with the about to be released Expression 2 that it has wi-fi capablities, wonder why no more – with Craftroom you’ll be able to download digital cartridges and not just to the new machines!  Craftroom is desgined to be used with ALL Cricut models!

Have a look and register now if you haven’t already – it’s well worth it!

Hope you’re all having a fantastic long weekend,


Cricut Craftroom

Everyday Cricut

I know this isn’t an Australian blog, but if you want to know what’s happening in the Cricut world before it’s available to us, this blog is great.

For those Cricut users who so often like what they see others doing, and want to recreate the whole project or parts of it, this blog caters to you.

Everyday Cricut’s projects always contain plenty of photos so you can use them to help you learn, and always include the sizing information so you can set your Cricut to cut the images at exactly the same size.

Everyday Cricut also has a fantastic button called “Blog Topics” which has a dropdown menu from which you can choose a cartridge by name and see what they’ve done and talked about for that particular one in the past.

The button below will take you directly to Everyday Cricut!


Scrappy-go-lucky – Aussie authorised Cricut seller and blog!

One of my aims with this blog is to provide you with contacts and resources within Australia for you Cricuting wants and needs.

Scrappy-Go-Lucky is the first online retailer I wanted to add to this list.  I’ve copied some of their information below and also a link to their blog.  They don’t just sell Cricut items – they also sell a wide range of other paperstock, stamps, and other papercrafting items.  They also have a wider range of payment options and even have Mail Out Workshops to cater to their Australia Wide customers.

I’ve ordered from them in the past and always had great service and any questions I’ve asked via email have been answered quickly.  A site well worth a look!

About Scrappy-go-Lucky

Scrappy-go-Lucky is a customer service focussed, Australian, family run business.

We aim to provide fast, efficient, door to door serivce of all your Cricut products within a few days of placing your order.

We sell products we know, love and use ourselves.

We know these products inside out and aim to help you in any way we can. We are only an email or phone call away.

  • We are Australia’s largest authorized Cricut® retailer.
  • We carry the best range of Cricut® and Cricut® compatible products in Australia.
  • We are 100% Australian owned and operated.
  • If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, please let us know and we will see if we can get it for you.
  • We pride ourselves in fast and efficient service and can get products to you in 24 hours if need be.
  • We offer 100% satisfaction to our customers with comprehensive Australian warranties.

Click here to go to Scrappy-Go-Lucky’s website

Scrappy-go-lucky’s blog

The Scrappy-go-Lucky Blog is a place of tips tricks and ideas which we hope will  inspire you to get the most out of your Cricut machine and other Cricut products.

We love to hear your thoughts and ideas, which help spark our creativity,  so please leave a comment!

I get cool Cricut ideas from Scrappy-Go-Lucky

Click here to visit Scrappy-Go-Lucky’s blog

Cricut Quick Search

I love this site and recommend to anyone who’s reading this to go and have a look.  It’s not an Aussie site but I think it’s unique and one that is worthwhile spending some time with.

This is why they think you need to at least have a look “ will save you time when working on your scrapbooking, card making or paper crafts. You will no longer have to flip through all of your Cricut handbooks or cheat sheets to find the perfect image to complete your crafting project. Just type it into the search box and we will show you all of the choices you have.”

It’s really simple and I think you’ll be hooked like I am after you see how easy it is to use and how much easier than looking through your cartridge booklets to find an image it really is.



Generated image


Welcome to CutPasteCreate Australia!

I’m an avid crafter who’s recently discovered personal cutting machines and gone a bit nuts. My problem was that whenever I’d go online to find answers, ideas or inspiration, the only blogs were in the US.

So, CutPasteCreateAust is born, it will grow and evolve over the next little while as I add links, tips, projects and much more. CutPasteCreateAust will hopefully establish itself soon to include our own Projects, gain sponsors, have local competitions and an online store.

I have Cricut, Silhouette and Slice machines and hope to have information readily available for all.

Any questions about anything relating to the above please send – I’d love to hear from you!

I currently sell mostly Cricut items on ebay, I’d like to have everything in one place here on this blog so it’s a one stop haven for Aussie papercrafters.

Thanks so much for visiting!